About the Author

Gregory Philip Niven, author of The Leader, was inspired by many great and poor leaders throughout history. Finding inspiration and better paths from the people he has worked with, through notes and journals he has written over the years he turned his attention to Self-Development books with the objective of getting the best out of himself and his readers.

Greg is introspective and an empathetic person, inviting the reader to follow him on a journey to expand their understanding and always looking for a better way forward.

Currently in development are the books The Knifes Edge, The Way Out and Rise which are all books on Leadership and highlighting the importance we all play on leading our society to a better future.

Greg is always looking for the best challenge and finding meaning in whatever he does in life, and can be seen throughout his writing. He has had a meteoric rise from trainee to supervisor, then to a site manager within 3 years. After these initial positions he worked managing ADF Logistics facilities managing multi-million dollar projects and warehouse transitions on behalf of his organisation and the Australian Government.

Then Moving to a state managers role for one of the largest Dangerous goods providers in Australia where he ran projects to complete, transfer and expand warehousing within NSW. More recently running customer contracts for one of the countries largest logistics and supply chain firms, managing to re-sign a multi million dollar contract that entailed a very complex negotiation process.

Continuing to influence and train the people he works with. Always truthfully, always up and ever onward.