23. Sep, 2021

Overcome the bad Soil

There is seed and soil, nature and nurture - you shape your reality
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16. Sep, 2021


Not Quantity
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6. Sep, 2021


There are two things that I believe define leadership
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6. Aug, 2021

Don’t just hear, Listen

It is hard to find people who enjoy feedback.
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4. Aug, 2021

Stocktake your Strengths

Don't reserve a plot for weeds in your garden.
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30. Jul, 2021

Consider this

If you died tomorrow. Would you be happy?
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26. Jul, 2021

Acceptance of the fact

“All men are created equal” (Jefferson, 1776).
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23. Jul, 2021

What is a goal?

Do you know your goals? Do you have a goal for today?
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20. Jul, 2021

Don't Give Up

Progress is just on the other side of the last struggle to achievement. 👹
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17. Jun, 2021

SMART Goal Setting

It must be realistic yet a stretch
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