17. Jun, 2021

SMART Goal Setting

Smart Goal Setting 👌👌
Step 1: 💭
(S) It must be Specific 💟
(M) It must be Measurable 🙈
(A) It must be Attainable 💪
(R) It must be Realistic 👾
(T) It must be Time-Bound 💣

Step 2: 💭
Understanding how to create a Goal sounds easy. And once you get the ball rolling, it is. To get started, let’s begin.
Example: I want to organise my operational area, specifically in the dispatch area, we have been having quite a few issues where we have labelled the incorrect freight and sent it to the wrong delivery location. The (S) Goal is: remove the labelling areas in the dispatch area. Now it is important at this stage to identify what the reward for those involved wil be, in this case it will be a lunch setup.

Step 3: 💭
My goal is to (S) 💟 stop labelling errors in my dispatch area. Knowing what we want is the easiest start to creating a goal for ourselves or our teams.

Step 4: 💭
To be able to Measure that the Goal has been achieved, I will use the customers feedback on our delivery performance to confirm that the issue has been fixed (M) 🙈 this is a tool used to ensure my Goal is Measured, month 1 might have 10 issues and in 6 months we might only have 1 issue. That means the Goal is measurable.

Step 5: 💭
This Goal is attainable, what we need to do is label the dispatch area, working with the team to make sure that everything is simple so that if a new person joined the team we could easily identify what needs to go where. The Goal in this instance is (A) 💪 attainable. To asses if it is attainable, the less additional people outside of your control the harder the Goal, whereas this Goal is using people in your control and easier to Attain.

Step 6: 💭
A quick sense check is required (R) 👾 to ensure that the Goal is Realistic, we don’t want to set a Goal that is unrealistic. In this case, we can make this change with our teams involvement.

Step 7: 💭
For this Goal to be completed we need to set a (T) 💣 Time-Frame and make it Time-Bound. We need to identify what is a realistic 👾 and attainable 💪 time 💣 to complete this Goal and ensure we have the right tools to measure 🙈 the Goals performance. Then our Specific Goal 💟 can be completed. 

Step 8: 💭
Rewards & Recognition, it is very important to reward the team and those who were involved in the process. Operant Condition is a fundamental design to help us continue to achieve good results, but at the same time being rewarded for our good efforts.