20. Jul, 2021

Don't Give Up

Progress is just on the other side of the last struggle to achievement. 👹

It's always hardest just before it's done. People retreat. Perseverance requires persistence. 🤔

When you have a task in front of you. Make sure that it remains at the front of your mind. 🐽

You need to live and breath it everyday. If it's something you look at 'later on' it will become just another task that is too hard to finish. If you live and breath it. 🎟 You will actively seek the completion of the task.

Write it down. Put it on the fridge. Write it in your diary. See it everyday. Read it. Remember it. Review it. Live it and breath it. 🖼

Just imagine what you will achieve just on the other side of the last struggle? Remember also that the reward needs to be good enough to do the long haul and overcome what others sometimes cannot. 🎆🎆🎆