30. Jul, 2021

Consider this

If I died tomorrow. Would I still be happy? 💭
If you have to pause. Consider is it for the reason that you are grateful. Or regretful.
Live today like your happy. Be happy with what you do have. Not what you don't. Be grateful for what you have achieve and for what you gave in hand today. Don't miss a moment of the things that are most important to you. Maybe that phone could do with a rest. Maybe your daughter or son would love some more time with you. It crosses my mind all the time. 
Live each day achieving what you want to achieve. Horses for course. In otherwords. Enjoy the journey for what it is. Enjoy each moment of the pathway you walk along. 
Can you say you have had a great enough life today? ☠️
I certainly don't want to die tomorrow. But what I am getting at. Is use this as a good indicator of what you are doing. And does it make you happy? Does it help to sustain you. Or help to sustain the thing that does make you happy?
You may not totally love your job. But it might be funding your family that you do love. Or the side career that brings you joy. Consider the links between things. That job might have a core component that makes you happy but certain portions are more challenging. But when you link it together. What joy does it Bring you? 
If it allows you the funding to work on the things in your life that do bring you joy. Then appreciate what you get out of it. 🤗

I hope this might have given you another perspective on the theory. Just a theory to give you perspective. 🤣
If I died tomorrow. Would I still be happy. 😀